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Temporary Hours: 8:00AM through 8:00PM Monday through Sunday
Please call 4965331 or 4988559 Or come in to order

We will continue to serve our community for as long as it is allowed.
Our heartfelt Thank Yous for all your kind words, patients and continued support!

We had to make some tough decisions this past week, laying off or cutting hours for long dedicated employees... we we prevail together!
-- Danny, Shellie, Nelson, Brenda and the entire staff at Renos Family Restaurant and Wonderful Staff

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We are conveniently located on Sweden Street in Caribou.

From downtown Caribou:
We are approximately 50 yards beyond Family Dollar, on the right.

South on Rt. 161:
We are approximately 50 yards beyond the Courthouse, on the left.

Our Offerings:

Pizza! Reno's Restaurant is the premiere pizza specialty restaurant in Caribou, Maine. From pepperoni pizza to loaded pizza, a 10-inch "flyer" pizza to a family-sized 16-inch pizza - Reno's restaurant of Caribou will please any pizza enthusiast!

Our pizza is made on fresh, homemade dough and are topped with the quality ingredients of your choice. We are passionate about our pizza, and many of our customers are as well.

Come in, or take out - make it a pizza night!
Reno's Restaurant is not a pizza house exclusively, in fact, our extensive menu offers a variety of classic American and Italian cuisine, seafood, light lunch fare, and a salad bar.

Many come for the pizza, but our other offerings may entice you as well. In lieu of pizza, treat your family to our complete appetizer and entree menu!

We also offer a Kid's menu, and a 6-inch pizza for children under 12.

We specialize in pizza but we offer much more!
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